Painting Project

Brings artists together, and let them do what they do best, make beautifully things and by doing this help children in need’

The ‘PHiNG-THiNG Painting project’ is a way to raise money for charities by create unique piece of art. In this project we collaboration with galleries around the world. In co-operation with a gallery we ask local artists to paint one of us. The gallery will sell these customized PHiNG-THiNGs and the money will go to charities who help children in need

We are doing this event annually in London with Ben Oakley Gallery which has proven to be a great success. The artists really love painting us and we have raised more than £ 8000,- for the charity with these shows. Now we are working with galleries in Singapore, Bali and Miami, to set up more events. But we are always looking for new galleries around who would like to become part of this positive movement and help children in need with art.


Bekijk de voorbeelden van de beschilderde PHiNG-THiNGs.