Q: What is a PHiNG-THiNG?

A: Are they penguins or owls? Nobody really knows, what we do know is that they make people happy. So that is what they are ‘Spreaders of Happiness’..

Q: How do PHiNG-THiNG make people happy?

A: It was never the intention to make a sculpture that makes people happy. But I have seen it so many times. People smile when they see one and want to hold it. I even heard that it gives people comfort. I don’t know how they do it, I only know they do.

Q: What are the PHiNG-THiNGs made of?

A: At the moment, you can choose between The Plaster white PHiNG-THiNGs, the wooden PHiNG-THiNGs who are made of Pinas wood and custom made PHiNG-THiNGs.

Q: Can you keep the plaster PHiNG-THiNGs outside?

A: We strongly advice you not to keep the PHiNG-THiNGs outside. It is possible to have them outside for a short time, but after more than a month outside they start to wear down

Q: Who makes us?

A: The plaster PHiNG-THiNGs are made in a shelter home by people with a physical or mental disability. The wooden PHiNG-THiNGs are made by different wood cutters in Bali (Indonesia) who get a fair price for their work, based on fair trade

Q: What can I do with a PHiNG-THiNG?

A: The PHiNG-THiNG is a piece of art. You can customize it, write a wish on it and give them away to someone you care about. It will spread happiness

Q: What are the shipping cost?

A: This depends on where to send it to, Netherlands it is 6,95 euro, within Europe 9,31 Euro and outside Europe 14,95 euro.